About the Project

For the last six years I have been blogging monthly about my genealogy project  A London Family, describing my quest to discover more about the elusive paternal side of my family – The Skeltons. My story started in Thatcher’s London when, as an unemployed science graduate, I fell into the job of ‘heir hunter’ (see The Incidental Genealogist is Born), then followed my research to date. However, rather than a traditional linear family history, my posts explored a number of different themes related to genealogical enquiry in general.

The project was a journey of discovery on many levels, and I’m now about to embark on an exciting new one. From this month I will be delving into the lives of my Scottish ancestors through the family photograph albums – or rather, Messy Boxes. Having learnt so much more about blogging a family history over the last few years I’m hoping this project will build on some of the strengths of the previous one. A London Family will, however, continue to be a live website due to the fact that many of the information it contains is also a useful historical source for other researchers.

I invite you to join me on the next phase of my journey by subscribing below, and would also be delighted to receive your comments!

The Incidental Genealogist, September 2021.

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